Best Cat Repellent Spray To Buy In 2019 [With a DIY Video]

Cats are great pets and human companions. They may, however, pose some threats and disturbances. That is why they have to be mitigated and controlled. This calls for the best cat repellent. These are devices that are designed and used to control the movement of cats indoors or outdoors.

In the review that follows, we shall aid you in making the best purchasing decision by identifying and reviewing the five popular models. We will also advise you on the factors you should consider while intending to make a purchase.

5 Best Cat Repellent Reviews

Some like spray and you may like electronic devices as the deterrent. This is the reason I have reviewed 5 most popular of them so that you can get your best. All of the below cat deterrent reviews are based on customer recommendations and their observations.

PetSafe Pawz Away with Adjustable Range

best pet repellent from PetSafe
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Getting rid of indoor pests and rodents may be daunting. This is because the existing means of doing so are largely ineffective and potentially harmful. That’s why better, safer, and more reliable means and ways of so doing are highly welcome. This is that kind of product.

Unlike most others, this one allows you to determine its range due to its possession of the barrier transmitter. It nevertheless limits you to a range of 1 foot to 6 feet. This feature ensures that you waste as little energy as possible in getting your work done.

It derives its power from batteries. As such, you may utilize it areas that lack electricity connection or in extremely remote locations. Its electrical consumption is also quite low. (It only requires three AA batteries).

The device has a wireless transmission mechanism which basically allows you to mount it anywhere. It picks and sends out the data to you from remote locations instantaneously. Being another great one, it enables you to keep abreast with the happenings but with all the comfort and convenience imaginable.

Pros of PetSafe Pawz Away

  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor: This is the perfect one for indoor & outdoor use. It’s available in 4 different sizes like Mini, Indoor, Outdoor, and  Threshold.
  • Compact Size: Its compact size calls for limited storage space. It also greatly expedites your efforts to carry it around and utilize it as you may desire.
  • Simple: In all, the device comprises a simple design and is also easy to use. You do not have to acquire some training to comprehend it fully and utilize it thereafter.
  • Extremely Lightweight: It weighs only 7.2 ounces. It is thus light enough to let you carry it around and deploy it in remote locations with ease.
  • Excellent Support: Other than merely detecting and repelling pests, the manufacturer of this device also promises you round-the-clock support. You may chat, e-mail or call its customer care department any day, any time.

Cons of PetSafe Pawz

  • Limited Range: Its range is much shorter and limited than most other options.
  • Limited Applicability: Apart from reaching a limited range, it also has fewer uses than most other counterparts. It thus returns value for money.
  • Unsuitable for Outdoor Use: It is no secret that outdoors has potentially more rodents. It cannot be used in such areas and is thus not as satisfying as should be the case.

PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Reviews

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Cats are good pets. They may, however, be a nuisance, especially in small and crowded homes. To deal with them accordingly, you will have to employ a repellent that is ideal for such circumstances. This is the spray for such circumstances. It has all those features that are necessary to ensure optimal performance.

To keep rodents and cats off a designated area, it emits a powerful yet unscented spray. This repels the rodents off the area of interest and keeps you safe from them. It is thus the best no scratch spray for cats!

It detects the movements of pets by use of the built-in pet motion sensor. This feature thus absolves you from the need to personally operate the device. It thus ensures round-the-clock reliability even in instances when you are asleep or away from the house.

You may adjust the spray nozzle to channel the sprays in desired directions. This feature thus allows you to target those areas that are extremely vulnerable. Moreover, it is capable of covering an area of up to 3 feet from the base of the can.

What makes it even more desirable is the fact that you may refill the container with sprays once the ones that are available are exhausted. Doing so is quick and easy. Moreover, you may do so 80 to 100 times per can.

Pros Of PetSafe SSSCAT Spray

  • Hypoallergenic: The sprays it emits are unscented. They are thus less likely to inflict asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disorders. This means you will be safe and secure at all times.
  • Minimal Attention: In all, you will not have to be present throughout to oversee the operations of this one. This is because it carries out all the tasks alone once it is set in place.
  • Refillable: All factors considered, it is very effective in keeping off the pests from invading designated areas that lie within a three-foot radius.
  • Pretty Fast: On the whole, it discharges its duties very fast indeed. In consequence of this, you can be sure that your time will not at all be wasted. You may also rely on it to perform a thorough job.
  • Reliable Brand: PetSafe is a reputable brand indeed. This is because it offers its clients round-the-clock back-end support. Expect it thus to offer you the support you require especially when you are stuck on the job.

Cons Of PetSafe SSSCAT Spray

  • Localized: It is only effective in repelling pests within a localized area. As such, it is not conducive to whole rooms or larger areas.
  • Interruptible: From time to time, you will have to interrupt the functioning of it in order to refill it. In case pests invade your room in this interlude, all may not be well with you.
  • Resistance: There is a possibility that the pests may develop resistance to the sprays. If and when this happens, it is rendered of no use.

PetSafe SSSCat Deterrent Unscented Refill Spray Pack

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If yours is a sensitive installation that requires cats to be kept at bay, you undoubtedly require a refillable spray that can act like a deterrent spray. This six-in-one pack is all you require to enable you to accomplish this feat. It has a cumulatively high capacity and is indeed sufficient for regular and high quantity use.

It detects and responds to stray motions by reason of the built-in electronic motion sensor. This feature absolves you from having to presently monitor the device. It thus frees you up to let you engage in other meaningful activities simultaneously.

The main functional component of this spray is this HFC-134a gas. It does not produce any odor, is safe, and friendly to the environment. You will achieve what you want without endangering yourself, your kids, or the environment as a whole.

It generally responds promptly. This is because it has a very quick reaction time. This quick response further makes it even more useful and effective in discharging its roles.

Pros of PetSafe SSSCat

  • Scentless: This highly effective spray does not emit any scent at all. Because of this, your continual exposure to the spray is completely unlikely to predispose you to the risks of a blocked nose, asthma or other respiratory disorders.
  • Eco-friendly: It does not emit greenhouse gases and is thus ozone-friendly. By using this spray to scare cats away, you also do a great favor for your environment.
  • Safer: Its spray formula is non-toxic to both animals and children. You will not have to worry at all as regards the health of your children.
  • Hygienic: The spray is designed and formulated in such a way that it leaves no residue after use. This means you will not have to expend too much effort to clean your walls or surfaces after being sprayed on.
  • Refillable: Once the spray is depleted, you may refill the container and keep using it for subsequent sprays. This means you will be in the position to utilize the spray indefinitely.

Cons of PetSafe SSSCat

  • Weighty: Weighs around 3 pounds (1.4 kg) and is thus quite heavy to lift around and transport. You will require some physical strength to effectively do so.
  • Bulky: It measures 7 inches long by 6 inches wide by 5 inches tall. It thus requires plenty of storage space and is thus quite a nuisance.
  • Pricey: This repellent shall cost you a great deal of money. It thus has the potential to inflict some financial hardships on your part.


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Cats exemplify unique traits from other domestic animals like dogs. That’s why they require special attention. This is another unit that is exclusively intended to ward off the invasion by cats. Because of this, it is all that you require for the job of mitigating cats to be well done.

As soon as it detects motion, it emits ultrasonic pitch. This is basically high sound that is only audible to cats but not humans, dogs, or other domestic animals. It is thus pretty effective in regulating the movement of cats within the room.

It is primarily powered by batteries. It requires a 9V battery to operate. It may, however, be powered by mains electricity when plugged into the socket by use of the 9VDC-120AC adapter. This latter option is much more economical though.

Pros of Catscram

  • Pretty Effective: It is pretty effective at repelling cats. This is because it is exclusively designed for this purpose in mind.
  • Silent: The squelch that is produced is designed to be undetectable by humans. As such, it is silent enough not to interfere with your attention.
  • Humane and Effective: On the whole, it records a 94.7% success rate. This is pretty high to ensure you the assurance you require to utilize it effectively.
  • Environmentally Friendly: It uses no chemicals and does not emit any harmful radiations. Because of this, it is also friendly to the environment you live in.
  • Portable: With a weight of only 6.4 ounces, this device is very light. You will find it convenient to handle and carry to remote locations with ease.

Cons of Catscram

  • Slightly Ineffective: Some kinds of cats may need up to two weeks after being exposed to the device to be effective.
  • Limited Applicability: It may not be that much effect on cats that are below 1 year of age, the white cats, or the Maine Coon cats.
  • Potentially Dangerous: Inasmuch as this product is designed to be inaudible to the dogs, it may occasionally affect them. You should thus beware.

Gartrol Outdoor Solar Power Ultrasonic

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If you reside in a remote location but would still want to scare away rodents uninterruptedly, you definitely require a solar-powered animal repellent. This is the need that is designed to fulfill. It does not derive its power from mains electricity and may thus be utilized in remote locations reliably.

It has the ability to detect any potential rodents within the range of 110 degrees. Because of this, it is comparatively more effective. This is because it is less likely to miss out on a target.

Apart from a wide detection angle, it also has a pretty long detection range of 6-8 meters. This largely depends on the precise size of the animal with the bigger animal being detected for longer. This feature further bolsters the overall efficacy of the sensor.

The repellent derives its power from three rechargeable AA Bi-MH batteries. Due to this, you are spared from high utility bills that characterize other users. You may also count on the repellent not to let you down at any time or place of use.

To keep you abreast with the on-going, it is equipped with a red LED indicator. You will get to know whether a successful repulsion has been carried out by just observing the indicator. By reason of this, your utilization of this device shall be greatly expedited.

In order to discharge its role in repelling rodents, it emits some ultrasonic sounds. The frequency range of such sounds is pretty high; from 25 KHz to 61 KHz. Being a great one, it ensures that no potential rodent is left out at all; keeping you safe from them.

Pros of Gartrol

  • Solar-powered: It derives its power from solar energy. Because of this, it is cheaper to maintain in the long run. (You will not have to expend too much of your money to keep it operational).
  • Motion-activated: The device is activated by motion. You will not have to be individually physically present to oversee its operations!
  • Wider Coverage: In all, it has the ability to cover 600 square feet area. This is pretty wide to ensure that no potential rodent is left out.
  • Safe and Humane: By reason of emitting ultrasounds, it does not pose any threat to humans at all. Moreover, it requires no use of chemicals and is thus very safe to humans and the environment.
  • Easier Operations: On the whole, the device is easier to operate. This is because it does not at all require you to master complex technical skills.

Cons of Gartrol

Even though it is a great option, it has some problems as well. You should be aware of these too.

  • Less Equipped: It lacks some certain crucial features like an alarm. This curtails its efficacy.
  • Comparatively Less Range: The device may only detect up to 8 meters. This is way too limited for a thorough job.
  • Lower Value for Money: All factors considered, it does not return as much value for money as should be the case.

Best Cat Repellent Buying Guide

Cat repellent is a must because they can make your furniture and carpets dirty. There will be cat hair from hair and there and your vacuum cleaner will be tired to clean them. But keep these following points while buying any cat repellent.

  • Intended Location of Use: These devices are intended for use either indoors or outdoors. Be sure to delineate exactly where you intend to utilize it. This shall enable you to obtain the right device for the right area or job.
  • Size of the Area of Interest: Apart from the precise location of intended use, the size of the area to be impacted also counts. This is because they have a varying range or maximum possible extents. A good one has to be able to reach your desired range.
  • Financial Resource Endowment: Ask yourself the following questions: ‘How much money do I have at my disposal?’, ‘What are the operational expenses involved in running the repellent of choice?’, and ‘How much utility bills am I likely to incur by opting for this one?’ As soon as you have answered those questions, proceed to acquire that one that falls within your budget.
  • Technical Skills: Some of these require a fair mastery of technical skills to effectively operate. You will, therefore, have to possess such skills. This means that you ought to make every effort to settle for that device that you can comfortably cope with or operate.
  • Power Source: They also derive their power from various sources such as solar, batteries, or mains electricity. Solar is cheaper yet unreliable, especially in winter. Batteries are more convenient but are unreliable due to their vulnerability to interruptions. Mains electricity, on the other hand, is very reliable but fixed. You should thus see to it that your repellent of choice can be powered conveniently before making a final purchasing decision.

Don’t want to buy any of them? You can make your own homemade solution! Watch the video on how to make it.

Last Few Words

We love pets, there is no doubt about it. Even we carry it with us all the time when we go out for hiking inside the pet carrier backpack. It is my hope that you have found the review above insightful and eye-opening. I now invite you to consider making a purchase. Please do not hesitate to do so. All the above are most popular and proven to be best cat repellent. Feel free to ask me any questions that you think should know in the comment box.

Best Cat Repellent Spray To Buy In 2019 [With a DIY Video]
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Best Cat Repellent Spray To Buy In 2019 [With a DIY Video]
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