Best Dog Carrier Backpack To Buy In 2019 [Airline Approved!]

The best dog carrier backpack is a must when you can’t travel or move without your loving dog or any pets. Different types of such pet carriers are really confusing to many of us. It becomes pretty hard to decide when you plan to airline travel with your pet. Only a few of the bags are supported by FAA and IATA.

Besides, there are cheap pet carriers and some are really expensive. While high price does not always promise of high-quality, you should stay away from very cheap models.

Dog Backpack Carrier Comparison Table

Before you go to the in-depth reviews to find the right one, take a look at the most popular models first. You can have a quick glimpse and compare them all at once!

Pet GearSnoozerNatuvalle
  • Pet lovers most
  • 5-in-1: carrier,
    car seat, backpack,
    roller bag & tote
  • Multiple size &
    color options.
  • Airline approved.
  • Multiple storage pocket.
  • Multiple size &
    color options.
  • Airline approved.
  • Spacious & High.
  • 2 sizes.

7 Best Dog Carrier Backpack Reviews

Let me clear something very first. A conventional model is different in most of the cases. While almost all dog carriers are airline approved, only a few of them is approved by such airlines.

So, I have reviewed 7 of them to make your decision making easy. All the reviews are based on pet lovers’ testimonial and their recommendations.

Pet Gear I-GO2

best dog carrier backpack from Pet Gear
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Most people end up buying Pet Gear I-GO2 because of so many reasons. The size of the bag is just perfect for almost all cats and small dogs. You can carry pets of any size of any kind fewer than 15 pounds. And the good news is you can use it as a roller suitcase, car seat, and tote bag.

So even if you need the best dog backpack carrier for hiking or any other reasons, it’s still your best solution. It features adjustable straps, sturdy telescoping handle, the wheel with a wheel cover, and a small pocket for your keys and cell phone. Besides, 5 different styles and colors had made it a universal choice for everyone.

The bag does not just think of you, it cares about your pet too. In addition to having the fleece liner, it has the pocket for treats as well. Also, there is a mesh for ventilation and interior tether. For the extra security of your pet, the tether can be attached to the harness of your pet.

A useful tip for you…

Putting the pets inside of carrier is not an easy task, especially if you are new and you don’t want to scare the pet. So, take it slow. Put your pet in and give it a treat. Take him out and praise! Do it again and again. Only then your pet won’t be afraid of going inside of it.

You may need to change the bottom padding (it’s not that comfortable) and buy a thick pillow to make it more comfortable for your loving pet. Here is a video review on it for you.

Features & Pros

  • The dimension is 16 x 12 x 15 inches with a weight of 4 pounds. So many pet lovers have confirmed that you can carry pets having weight up to 15 pounds without any trouble.
  • For additional spaces, you can extend the sides for up to 3 inches.
  • 2 side storage pouches.
  • Size of the extended handle is 20 inches.
  • The telescoping handle will give you the feeling of the suitcase.
  • Removable pad for easy washing and cleaning.
  • Highly recommended cheap pet carriers.


  • Uncomfortable handle position.
  • Less number of pouches.
  • Not suitable for large dogs or any other large pets.

Wheel Around Travel

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I have reviewed this one in the second only because of its high price. Yet it’s a popular one because of its diversified usage with multiple functionalities. You can use it for your airline travel as well but you are advised to check airline restrictions before purchase.

For full visibility of your pet, there is mesh on all 3 sides of it. Now, your pet won’t get scared since it can see you around. High-quality wheels make it great for traveling as well and they last REALLY long without any trouble. Plenty of space inside that lets your pet to move comfortably.

The bottom part of it is easily removable. So, if your desired airline has a height issue for any travel bag, you can completely remove the bottom part which can easily be attached as well.

There is a leash inside the bag to hook the collar of your pet, even the top is open, you have nothing to worry. Watch the video promo of the Snoozer.

Features & Pros of Wheel Around

  • Available in 3 different sizes. The outer dimension of the large size is 23″ H x 15.5″ W x 12.25″D and interior dimension is 13.5″W x 10″ D x 18″H which can carry up to 30 lbs. The outer dimension of the medium size one is 20″ H x 14″ W x 11″D whereas the inner dimension is 9” H x 13” W x 15” L. The outer dimension of the small one is 17.5″ H x 12″ W x 8″D which can supports pets weighing up to 7 lbs.
  • Though the large one says it supports up to 30 lbs, many have confirmed that it actually can support pretty more than that!
  • 3 color options available. One comes in a black and grey mix, the other comes in khaki, black, & blue mix, the last one comes in a red and black mix.
  • For easy storage, it packs and ships flat.
  • Microfiber wipes clean which is pretty durable.
  • Fits under the seats of airlines like Southwest, Delta, etc. But double-check for other airlines.
  • Rigid floor when it’s upright position.
  • Pretty comfortable.
  • Non-removable wheels.
  • Padded straps.
  • FYI: The large one won’t fit Jetblue flights.
  • Easy to clean. You can use a damp sponge or any wet cloth with some detergent if you want.

Cons of Wheel Around

  1. Not applicable to all airlines. If air travel is a must for you, you should check airline restrictions first.   
  2. Comparative hire price.

Natuvalle 6-in-1

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How about a 6-in-1 pet carrier? A pet carrier that can work not just as a backpack but also as front pack carrier, shoulder bag carrier, handbag carrier, position carrier, and car seat crate? Because of its diversified usage, it’s considered to be another great one to consider. The good thing about it, all straps are removable!

Keep the door open and carry your pet comfortably on your back or on your front. As your pet always can see you wherever you go, it will remain calm & feel comfortable inside the bag. OMG! Did I mention it’s airline approved?

My bad! It fulfills all airlines rules like your pet should be able to stand up and move freely inside the bag. You can put the bag under the seat of all major airlines. And this is possible because the bag is extremely flexible.

Above all, it’s patented flexible frames always keep the bag unfolded so that your pet never gets crushed when you lift the bag.

Made from high-quality durable 600 denier oxford water-resistant fabric. So that your pet never suffers from suffocation, the 4 high-quality meshes will ensure ample air circulation & make your pet always comfy.

It comes with reinforced zippers and security locks. The security locks make sure your pet can’t push the zippers open. The seat belt loop is really helpful to secure the carrier in the car.

For easy recognition during traveling, the bag comes with a photo ID tag for both the pet and the owner. The wonder does not end here. Even when the doors of the bag is open, you can secure your pet with the inside leash so that it can’t escape. The reflective straps will help tremendously for night travel or hiking. The Walk-Through-Doors let you put in or out your pet hassle-free. Above all, you can fold this bag to about 2 inches for easy storage.

Pet lovers really appreciate the sturdy but lightweight bag that can carry pets weighing up to 15 lbs or even 20 lbs. The really high height of the bag helps dogs or any pets to stand and move around easily. You will love its great versatility and lots of straps options.

If you don’t like cheap pet carriers that easily fall apart quickly, this is your right bag!

Features & Pros Of Natuvalle 6-in-1

  • Comes in extra small, small, and medium-size. The extra small size is ideal for pets up to 14” long and 7.8” high and it can hold pets up to 12 lbs. When upright & side position, it measures 14” L X 7.8” W X 7.8” H. Perfect as the best cat carrier and suitable for small dogs.
  • The small carrier is suitable for pets up to 16 inches long & 11.5 inches high which can carry up to 16 lbs. The dimension of the upright and side position is 16 inches L X 9 inches W X 11.5 inches H and 16 inches L X 11.5 inches W X  9 inches H respectively.
  • The medium carrier is ideal for pets up to 18 inches long and 12 inches high that can carry up to 20 lbs. Likewise, the dimension of the upright & side position is 18 inches L X 10 inches W X 12 inches H & 18 inches L X 12 inches W X 10 inches H respectively.
  • IATA compliant carrier bag. Soft sided pet travel carrier.
  • Quality constructions to last longer than most of its counterparts.
  • Flexible frames to fit under the airplane seat.

Cons Of Natuvalle 6-in-1

  • Have some incidents of zippers/clasps breaking.


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Not just you, there are so many people looking for cheap pet carriers, and for those, FurryFido pet sling is another great one to consider. Unbeatable price and ease of use have made it so much popular among pet lovers.

In fact, it has exceeded all the previously reviewed options in terms of popularity.

Versatile color and pattern are other reasons for its popularity. To ensure the safety of your pet and so that you can easily carry, this pet carrier bag features a safety collar hook.

If you choose the reversible one, it looks great from inside out! You will love the hands-free design of the bag while traveling with your pet around the town.

So that you and your pet feels comfortable throughout the day while traveling, the bag is made of soft cotton cloth material. And with a simple cold wash in the washing machine, it looks like new for a very long period of time.

Pet loves who have already used it for a long time have confirmed the fact that their pets remain comfortable while inside the sling.

The sling is suitable for the taller pet lover. But if you are short, you should knot the end so that it does not loosen up. Do you know what I mean? If not ask me in the comment box. Some pet loves with shorter height has said that they faced trouble carrying this sling with their pet.

Many have verified that it’s a true life saver when you go for the hiking or long walk and your loving pet just won’t walk. Watch the vidoe tutorial on how to set it up for the safety of your pet.

Features & Pros

  • The dimension of the sling is 9.0″(L) x 7.8″(W) x 4.3′(H).
  • Suitable for pets up to 15 lbs. Great as the best cat carrier and dogs of small and medium size.
  • Perfect even in the hot weather.
  • The height of YOU is not a problem. That’s being said, if you are too short, you may need to knot the end to shorten it.
  • Very sturdy seams.
  • You will like the polka dot fabric inside the bag.
  • High-quality material and very well constructed.
  • Pet lovers do really like the quality and softness of the bag. Huge recommendations for friends and families who need to buy a sling at a cheaper price.


  • No pockets to put necessary accessories.
  • You can move in the airports but can fly any airline with it. You need an actual carrier.
  • Not adjustable strap.


airline approved model
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Here comes another one that is approved by Delta, Jetblue, American, Southwest, Virgin, Alaska, Frontier, United, or Allegiant. The perfect dimension easily fits under the airline seats thus it is FAA approved. It is really hard to come by these airline approved pet carriers nowadays.

It is designed in a way so that your pet gets the maximum comfort. There are 2 ultrasoft removable fleece pads and mesh ventilation on the sides and top of it so that your furry friend is totally relaxed while traveling. Perfectly suitable for small dogs and almost any sized cats and pets as well.

Apart from airline travel, it is designed to be perfect for car travel as well. There are 2 car seat belt buckles for the safety of your pet. Also, it comes with safety buckles zippers for utmost safety. Want to travel at night? Yes, the carrier is designed with reflective strips for night visibility of your pet as well.

Spending money on it is a cost-effective decision because it will serve you for a pretty long time. The carrier bag is made of high-quality polyester fabric to last long and the tear-resistant mesh ensures to serve your adorable cat or dog for a long time in the upcoming future.

There won’t be any sagging issue to this bag as there is a sturdy insert to this travel carrier bag. In addition to the clip-on shoulder strap, it comes with a hand strap for easy portability.

Features & Pros Of SLEEKO

  • The dimension is 17.5” (L) X 10” (W) x 11”9 (H) which is FAA approved.
  • Available in 2 colors like Blush and Tan.
  • Ample ventilation for maximum airflow.
  • Lightweight and very comfortable to carry. You can even wear it as a crossbody style.
  • Comes with soft and nice beds for the pet.
  • Very well made stitching lines.
  • Soft and collapsible to fit under a short seat.
  • Suitable for 8 to 10 lbs weighing pet. Great as the best cat carrier and suitable for small size dogs.
  • 2 pockets for your little furry friend’s necessary accessories.
  • 3 zipper openings for your pet to easily get in or out. One of them is a top opening.
  • Claw resistant mesh with a dimension of 17 inches X 10 inches. Pretty strong enough mess siding.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Very high customer recommendations for friends and family.


  • Sometimes the zipper may not work if you have bad luck! If that happens to you, contact them immediately!


Click on the image to check price on Amazon

Petsfit is prominent to deliver quality one that lasts long and pets of all kind with weight up to 15 pounds feel comfortable always while inside. That one from Petsfit has a tether inside so that your pet is always secured. With its versatile color range, it looks really nice.

If you need to travel a lot and you want your pet with you always, this sturdy and safe one is your true friend. There is a 4 mesh window for the ventilation and visibility so that your pet always feels comfy and never gets scared. It can see you always, so it will remain calm always.

It has an adjustable shoulder strap and chest straps to secure it itself. There are the front and top entrance, so you should not have trouble putting your pet inside it. Cleaning it is really simple. The bottom cover is removable so cleaning should not be a problem.

Inside it, there is plenty of space for your pet to feel comfortable, even sometimes it will sleep! Pet lover with any height can use it. The harness attachment will secure the pet even when you go for a bike ride. You can easily attach the collar of your pet to secure it.

At last, it’s a great one to carry vertically and horizontally. It works as a backpack and set down carrier. There are lots of high appreciation and recommendation for this one from experienced pet lover’s friends and families.

Features & Pros

  • The dimension is 13″L X 11″W X 17″H with a weight little over 3 lbs. It can carry a weight of up to 15 lbs.
  • 4 colors. Choose from Black, Blue, Green, and pink.
  • Made from high-quality 600D X 600D Oxford cloth with 230D polyester lining.
  • It has a comfortable grip handle.
  • Pretty durable mesh against claws. However, always trim the nails of your pet.
  • Comes with waist strap and chest strap. Sturdy bottom and back support.
  • Metal slider and nylon teeth style zipper.
  • Comfortable soft fleece mat for your pet.
  • Thick padded so that you can carry it easily.
  • Machine washable and removable pad.
  • For easy storage, it packs and ships flat.
  • Can be used a front pack to carry your pet.

Cons of Petsfit

  • No side pooches.
  • Not suitable for airline travel.
  • Not protected against rain.
Guide To Pick The Best Dog Backpack Carrier For Hiking/Traveling
  • It should have multiple carrying options like backpack, handbag, side bag, etc.
  • Multiple openings preferred.
  • Mesh sides for ample ventilation and visibility.
  • Leash for collar attachment.
  • Removable pads for easy cleaning.
  • If you are planning airline travel, very first measure the length & height of your pet and buy the one accordingly. Make sure the size of the bag is approved by most airlines.
Last Few Words On Best Cat Carrier Backpack

At last, I have come to the end of the amazing journey finding the best dog backpack. From cheap to expensive, I have reviewed them all. Some of them are airline approved! I am pretty sure you should be able to find the right one for you. If you need to know anything more, just ask me in the comment box.

Best Dog Carrier Backpack To Buy In 2019 [Airline Approved!]
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Best Dog Carrier Backpack To Buy In 2019 [Airline Approved!]
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