Best Dog Sling Carrier And Harness Reviews 2018 [Video Inside]

Only the best dog sling can serve your purpose of carrying your loving dog safety and comfortably. There are lots of dog carrier sling on the market and it’s really difficult to find the right one. I have made a short list of 10 most popular pet slings for small dogs.

3 Best Dog Sling Carrier Compared

It’s gonna be a pretty long article on puppy sling. So sit tight. Before you dive into the details, let’s have a look at the following short comparison table. All three are most popular and highly recommended.

Kangapooch SlingTimetuu BUY SlingGingerlead Harness
  • Multiple sizes available.
  • Unisex design.
  • Great Customer Care.
  • Multiple colors available.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Extra safety mechanism.
  • Multiple sizes with male & female version.
  • Attached leash.
  • Made in the USA.

10 Best Pet Sling Reviews

You have seen my recommended dog sling in the above comparison table. You should be able to find the right one from the table. Here come the detail reviews on each of them. In total, I have reviewed 10 most popular dog sling carrier for you.

Kangapooch The Small Dog Carrier

kangapooch small dog carrier
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It’s made from organic cotton so that your loving dog gets the best comfort. The nicely sewn small dog carrier sling has already won lots of pet lovers’ heart and I believe you will love it as well. It comes in multiple sizes, so no matter what’s the size of your pet, it’s the one you need!

If you have already spent a lot of money on pet sling and frustrated about the end result, then try this. I am pretty much sure, you will be more than happy with it’s prolong service life and the caring service from the seller.

The fabric of the puppy carrier sling is stretchy, so there will be plenty of room for your dog. Since it is available in multiple sizes, be sure to order the right size one. If you are a woman, order a small size. Don’t worry about it too much. Even if you get the wrong size, they will send you the right one once you contact them.

Pet lovers’ love it’s profound design. It’s so adorable. The intelligent mesh pouch is so useful to keep your pet safe from overheating. This is so helpful, especially if you live a hot and humid area like Florida.

The pet sling carrier takes the safety concerns of your dog very seriously. Their innovative ideas and smart placement of buttons will keep your pet safe from any hazard. This is the reason I call the best dog sling that you definitely should try.

Tips: If you are confused which size you should order, just order the size of your T-Shirt!

But how to use it? Here is the video where you can learn how to use the dog sling.

More Features & Pros of Kangapooch Small Dog Carrier

  • Available in 5 sizes like XS (28 – 32 inches), S (32 to 36 inches), M (36 to 40 inches), L (40 to 44 inches), and XL(44 to 48 inches). This is the size of you, not your pet. As you can see, it’s perfect for all the sizes of the pets.
  • Unisex design, so perfect for man and woman.
  • The shoulder and back design of the sling are made in a way so that you can carry your dog for a very long time without hurting yourself.
  • Recommended for dogs weighing up to 10 to 12 pounds.
  • Perfect for standing, hiking, and sitting with your dog. Very easy to put on and take off.
  • So much caring after sales service. Should you face any problem, just contact them, they will take care of it right away.
  • Custom made sling is also a possibility, so if you need a custom one, feel free to contact them.
  • Highly recommended hands-free pet carrier sling for experienced pet lovers.

Cons of Kangapooch Small Dog Carrier

  • Not perfect for bigger dogs with higher weights.
  • Very few don’t like the fabric and style.
  • Lacks a better enclosure.

Timetuu BUY Hands-Free dog Carrier Sling

timtuu adjustable reversible dog sling
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Another best pet sling carrier from Timetuu BUY. When you need to carry your loving pet comfortably on your shoulder, it’s a great option to consider. It comes in multiple colors. The best part about this pet sling is that it is fully adjustable. That means it is suitable for all heights. Because you can adjust the strap easily.

It has every modern feature that you need in a pet sling like side pockets, a short leash, and above all, it is waterproof! Just live many pet lovers reviewed, it is difficult to find such good quality pet sling nowadays. Just by looking at it you will say it’s a well-made high-quality pet carrier sling.

If you need a minimalistic and comfortable dog sling, look no further! Within a very short time, it has already got really charming feedback from a countless number of pet lovers. The strap of the sling is very broad and soft, so without hurting your shoulder, you can carry your loving pet even a busy subway!

Many pet lovers have confirmed that the sling is equally comfortable for both the pet lover and the pet. Once in, your pet will feel the ultimate comfortability. Apart from the dog, it is suitable for other pets as well like a dachshund, teacup Yorkie, cat etc.

It is equipped with external security clasp so that your pet can’t jump out. Whether you need to go the grocery or make a long walk, this sling is just perfect for you. Just read some reviews/feedback from its real users and you will understand yourself why you should buy it for your loving pet.

More Features & Pros of Timetuu BUY Hands-Free dog Carrier Sling

  • The actual dimension of the sling is 29″X12″ with 10 inches deep. Please keep in mind that it will adjust to the position of your dog.
  • Available in 4 colors: Brown Orange White, Grey Blue, Ruby Orange, and Ruby Orange White. Pick your best color.
  • Free from rings and ties. Just adjustable straps with thick padding and durable buckles.
  • Suitable for everyone. Your height does not matter. It’s perfect for your height.
  • Highly portable. You can easily store and use it.
  • Your dog will be in the clean sling always. Because the sling is machine washable. Yes, you heard me right!
  • Perfect for all dog breeds and other small pets.
  • Works as a great gift item as well. Gift it to a dog owner, he/she will be ever grateful to you!

Cons of Timetuu BUY Hands-Free dog Carrier Sling

Even though it’s my no. 1 best dog sling, it has some downsides which you should know as well.

  • If you are living in a very hot weather, it may be uncomfortable for your dog.
  • Very few found adjustable strap as a faulty one. If that happens to you, contact them. They are very responsive.

GingerLead Padded Slings – The Best Dog Harness

gingerlead dog harness
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This is not just a dog sling, it is a Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harnesses with the integrated leash as well. This one is made in the U.S.A. and you can feel the quality of it once you get a touch of it. Just by touching it, you will call it the best dog harness just like more than thousands of happy dog lovers.

Pretty useful when you have a loving dog who needs some support for lifting and walking as well.

Is your dog having trouble going and getting up to stairs and it makes you feel sad? Well, this harness plus sling is just the thing you need for your dog to give some dignity.

When your dog is old and too heavy to walk without support, try this. Some dog owners verified that they had success lifting even 98 lbs of the old dog with this one.

Since the sling comes with lots of sizes with the male and female version of the dog, it is perfect for any type of dog having any size. Your dog will become more confident now knowing that you will lift her up when times come.

Who does not like a happy dog, right? Your dog was always there for you, now it’s time for you to show the same to your dog.

Since there are male dog and female dog version of the sling, choose carefully. This is a well-made and well-designed padded dog harness sling. The quality is beyond the question.

When you think your dog needs some support while walking, this is a must-have for you. Highly recommended as the best pet sling carrier by experienced dog owners.

Here is how you can adjust the harness.

More Features & Pros of GingerLead Padded Dog Slings

  • Available in multiple sizes like X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Tall. Every size has the male and female version as well.
  • Unique patented dog support sling with the leash and handle made in the Colorado, U.S.A.
  • It has adjustable height, so you don’t have to hurt your back by bending over.
  • Built for the comfort of your dog. Padded support. Sides of the sling that comes in contact with your dog is made of soft corduroy while the exterior is made of durable nylon.
  • The sling is fully machine washable and dryable.
  • Sometimes you may need to control the speed of your dog. So, you can attach the leash to the collar as well. There is a chest harness for added support as well which you can detach as well easily.
  • Not just in the U.S.A., this dog support sling is used by many veterinary hospitals and clinics of other countries as well.
  • A must-have dog support harness if your dog is suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia etc.

Cons of GingerLead Padded Dog Slings

  • Very few reported having trouble with their male dogs assisting with the sling. The male dog seems to have trouble when it times to urinate.
  • Some said the handle was slippy as well.

Dog Lift Harness by AMZpets

AMZpets dog harness
Click on the image to read more reviews on Amazon

When you don’t want a dog wheelchair, this is the best shot you got for your dog having physical trouble. A great helping harness when your dog has stop movement and you feel sorry for your dog. It’s been pretty long years your dog has been supporting you, right? Now, it needs your help.

Dog lovers call the greatest back saver ever made for senior dogs! It’s easy to use and very comfortable for the dog. A well-made dog harness that everyone with senior dogs should have. Getting up and down is now much easy for your physically troubled dog.

No matter how many weights your dog has or what trouble your dog is facing, your dog will find this harness useful and you will feel grateful for this best dog harness. You are getting it at very cheap cost.

If your dog has the huge weight of 85 to 90 pounds, it’s really difficult to lift it up from the sitting position. Well, this dog harness will help you out with this. You can easily lift up your dog for various purposes easily.

When other harness failed to serve your purpose, it will do its job perfectly. Several dog owners have left their feedback saying this one has made their life much easier.

Several dog owners have verified the fact that the dog harness from AMZPETS has changed the lifestyle of their dogs. The dogs were not intimidated or scared of it. In fact, after using the harness, the dogs were much more active than the previous state.

Tips: When your dog needs to go the potty, remove it. It ’s not the fault of the harness. The dog just does not like the harness on while they need to use the potty.

More Features & Pros of Dog Lift Harness

  • Available in multiple sizes like X-Small (15 – 18 inches girth measurement), Medium (21 – 24.5 inches girth measurement), Large (24.5 – 28 inches girth measurement), X-Large (28 – 33 inches girth measurement with a weight of more than 75 pounds).
  • As you can see, it’s perfect for every dog sizes. Please measure your dog body first to avoid ordering the wrong size.
  • Great for dogs with limited mobility. Highly recommended when your dog needs support for standing up, climbing the stairs, using the car ramps and so on.
  • To maximize the comfort of you and your dog, the harness has adjustability function, so you don’t have to bend over hurting your back. Does not matter what your height is, you will find it perfectly fit for you.
  • Machine washable dog harness. Air dry it. Don’t machine dry it, please. When not in use, it becomes very compact size for easy storage.
  • Highly recommended by Veterinarians. Veterinarians recommend it for dogs suffering from arthritis or major orthopedic problems.

Cons of Dog Lift Harness

Even though it’s another best dog lift sling, it has a downside that you should know.

  • Some did not like the velcro feature of the harness.

Alfie Pet Sling Reviews

alfie pet sling
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Comfy for both the pet lover and the dog. Made from quality soft cotton cloth with dog safety and comfort in mind. Keeps your dog more close to your body for more affection and hug. When your dog can’t be left alone, Chico reversible pet sling is your choice.

Comes in multiple colors with adjustable shoulder strap. So perfect for everyone having any height. The sling itself is 9 inches deep and recommended for the dog having the weight of up to 12 pounds.

Perfect for varieties of dog breed like Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and Maltese etc. Some pet lovers found it useful for the cat as well. There is plenty of space to spare as well. For the safety of your dog, you will find the safety collar hook highly useful.

When you need to keep your hands free while walking your dog, you need a sling that you can trust. Well, Chico is the most popular one and you can check it yourself reading some feedbacks left by the countless number of dog lovers.

This is a well-made sling made out of quality material. Many pet lovers have confirmed it as the sturdy one which will last for several years. The bottom of the sling is so soft that your dog will love to sit quietly. You can machine wash it to keep it clean always.

You have nothing to worry about the safety of your dog as well. Many dog lovers have dogs who are escape artists and they have confirmed that they did not face any safety issue at all.

FYI: Some dogs and cats don’t like to be in the sling. Don’t force your pet to be in the sling.

More Features & Pros of Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier

  • Available in multiple colors like Grey, Brown, Pink, Blue etc.
  • Made from pretty soft fleece fabric.
  • Even though it is recommended for 12 pounds small dogs, many have confirmed that it can hold more weight than that like 14 to 15 pounds.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap, so your height does not matter. Just adjust the strap to fit your height.
  • Pretty well-sewn seams, great finishing touch!
  • Many medium-size cat lovers have appreciated it highly because of the sturdy and comfy constructions. They love the inside and outside soft fabric of the sling.
  • If your dog has some physical difficulty like the problem on the front or back side, so it can’t walk for a long distance, you should have this small dog sling carrier.
  • Very lightweight sling and comfortable to wear it.
  • Very affordable and attractive pricing.
  • It has more than thousands of positive reviews and recommendations as the best dog sling.

Cons of Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier

  • Neither waterproof nor stretch.
  • Very few pet lovers did feel comfortable wearing the sling.

i’Pet® Hands-free Reversible Small Dog Cat Sling Carrier Bag

ipet hands-free dog sling
Click on the image to read more reviews on Amazon

Pet lovers call it the perfect combination of convenience and trendy style. A simple yet beautiful dog/cat sling for your everyday walk and weekend adventure with your little dog.

Almost everyone who has bought this sling has confirmed that this one is the easiest sling to wear. Even your little dog will love it and sleep in it as if it is a sleeping bag. When you can’t walk or spend a day without your dog, this is something you need badly. A sling that understands you and your dog.

The sling itself is confirmed to be sturdy and long lasting and does not feel cheap even though you can get it at the most affordable price. Its popularity is envious of its counterparts. You can check it yourself. So many appreciations and recommendations from experienced pet lovers.

Since it is available in multiple colors, no matter whether you are a woman or man, you will find it perfectly fit for you. Many dog lovers have confirmed that their dogs have found it so soft to snuggle. Being a hands-free sling, it lets you do everything without any problem keeping in touch with your best buddy as close as possible.

You will find it highly useful when you go out for a hike and your dog can’t keep up with you. It’s not possible hiking with your dog with this amazing sling. The adjustable strap is very useful for people of any height and it is so comfortable that it won’t hurt your shoulder at all.

More Features & Pros of iPet Small Dog Sling Carrier

  • Available in 3 colors like Blue, Grey, and Pink. The suitable color for everybody! The size of the sling is 18.5″Lx9″ Wx7.8″H. It can support small dog or cat having the weight of up to 12 pounds.  
  • Comes with about 24 inches long strap.
  • Made from long-lasting soft cotton fabric and Polyester.
  • Perfect for small dog and cat.
  • Completely machine washable. So your little dog will always have a clean soft space to rest while you walk with him.
  • The double-sided design which you will find just perfect on both sides.
  • Comes with external security hasp for added security for your loving dog. It can’t jump accidentally.
  • Soft, comfortable, and sturdy – that is how dog lovers have left reviews about the sling.
  • Comes with a leash hook as well. People have been using it literally to carry a bunny as well. Don’t forget to use the hook if your pet is an escape artist.
  • Affordable sling but definitely not cheap looking. It’s so cute!
  • Ohh.. did I say it’s machine washable and lays flat when not in use? Very easy to store the sling when not in use.

Cons of iPet Small Dog Sling Carrier

  • Features no side pockets to store keys or mobile phone while walking.

RETRO PUG Pet Sling Carrier Bag

retro pug sling carrier
Click on the image to read more reviews on Amazon

Taking the safety consideration of your pet, RETRO PUG pet sling carrier is the best dog sling. A single leash can’t ensure the proper safety of your dog. I believe you have that experience where your dog accidentally popped out of the sling.

Well, with this one, it is not possible. In addition to the leash, it has safety mesh net. Your dog is more secure now like never before.

You can use the public transportation carrying your pet with this sling. A lot of pet lovers are already doing it. Being waterproof, your pet is safe even from the bad weather. Perfectly suitable for small to medium size dog. Thick and strong fabric so there is no chance of ripping off.

The mesh sides not only help to keep your dog safe, it will maintain ample ventilation for the pet as well. So, if you are living in a hot area, this will be a great help to keep your pet cool. Also, if you love to hike on a rocky area a lot, this sling will keep your pet safe and close to you.

The sling is suitable only for small and medium size dogs, NOT for bigger doggy. For small to medium size dogs, there will be plenty of rooms inside the sling. In fact, you can put a small towel inside if your pet is small for added comfort of the pet.

It’s not a traditional pet sling for small dogs where the pet keeps hanging below the hips. The shoulder strap is made that way so that it does not make any pain to your should even if you carry the dog for a very long time.

More Features & Pros of RETRO PUG Pet Sling Carrier Bag

  • The sling is available in 2 colors: Light Grey and Navy.
  • Double safety mechanism to ensure the ultimate safety of your dog.
  • There are pockets on the shoulder strap and the front side of the sling to keep necessary stuff like keys and mobile.
  • Controlling the shoulder strap is easy and anyone can do it without any difficulty. Wide strap, so it wo n’t create much stress on your shoulder.
  • You can wear it on both sides of your shoulder.
  • It is tested to be waterproof.
  • If your pet is too small, put a blanket or towel.
  • Lots of repeated loyal buyers from the same company.
  • Machine washable sling and machine dry as well. Your pet will be in a clean sling always.
  • Not just the dog, you can put the cat and other tamed pet as well.
  • Pet lovers do bike rides with the sling as well.
  • So many recommendations as the best dog sling.

Cons of Pros of RETRO PUG Pet Sling Carrier Bag

  • Sometimes the snap on the pocket comes defective.
  • For some, the strap is not long enough.

BuddyTastic Pet Sling Carrier Dog Bag

buddytastic dog sling
Click on the image to read more reviews on Amazon

It has everything that you expect from a modern dog sling carrier. From adjustable strap to side pockets, it has everything. You can adjust the height of the strap before or while you are carrying the pet. The strap is so comfortable that it won’t hurt your shoulder at all.

If your dog has recently been in a surgery or has any health problem and you do n’t want to left it alone at the home, you need this sling. Comfortably you can carry your dog with you anywhere you go without hurting your shoulder. It has some nice pockets so you can carry necessary items like dog poop bag, keys, and your cell phone.

Pretty much deep space inside the sling, so your dog or cat can relax comfortably. It takes consideration of the safety of your pet. So, it features a safety leash as well. Although, once your pet is used to the sling and when you are carrying it, it won’t try to jump off the sling.

Pet lovers now can go to the groceries or hiking with their loving dog with this dog sing. No more separation with your pet. So many pet lovers have confirmed that their pets have loved this sling so much and they feel comfortable inside it. Sometimes, they even fall asleep.

Since it’s a hands-free dog sling, you can do all the chores carrying your dog. No regular activities disturbed! You can wash the sling easily as well. It does not cost you much, so give it a try. As per many dog lovers, you will be pleasantly surprised!

How To Use The Security Clasp?

I see a lot of you have the problem of using the security clasp of the sling. Here is how to use it. One side of the security clasp goes around the shoulder strap where the other side goes around the collar of your pet. Very easy right?

More Features & Pros of BuddyTastic Pet Sling Carrier Dog Bag

  • The dimension of the sling is 30”x17”. It can hold pets having the weight of up to 22 pounds. As you can see, the sling is very sturdy and durable. Measure your pet from its head to the tail before ordering it.
  • Made of 100% cotton, so much comfortable for the pet. Pet lovers call it the highly resistant fabric ever made! Tested several times by the manufacturer.
  • Comes with an e-book to understand the behavior of your pet. You will find it so much useful.
  • Features broad and comfortable shoulder strap.
  • A perfect alternative to pet wheelchairs. Remember, your pet wants to be with you always. Only a sling can do that for you NOT a wheelchair.
  • Perfect for small and medium-sized dog breeds like Chihuahua.

Cons of BuddyTastic Pet Sling Carrier Dog Bag

  • No color variations.

Alfie Hayden Pet Sling Carrier

hayden sling carrier
Click on the image to read more reviews on Amazon

After using it, several pet lovers left feedback saying it is very sturdy and stylish. The thick strap of the sling is comfortable and it won’t hurt your back even if you carry a heavy pet for a long time. The quality of sling is beyond any competition as per some users.

The design of the sling is very caring. There are lots of pockets to carry your necessary stuff. You can carry the wet tissue as well in those two side pockets for your pet when nature calls. A simple, functional, yet stylish dog sling that money can buy. You wo n’t regret buying it.

The price of the sling is very reasonable and you must call it very cheap considering its higher-quality. The most important thing is you and your dog will feel comfortable. It takes the consideration of all stuff that can make a dog comfortable and the owner easier to carry his dog.  

The dog sling features removable hard bottom. There is plenty of space in the sling for the dog to stand or sit. And yes, you can keep your hands-free while carrying your dog. You can go to the shopping, taking public transport, or even go for the hiking adventure with your little buddy.

To keep your dog safe, it features the harness attachment as well. After doing several researches, many pet lovers choose it for its simplicity to use, versatile functionality, and long-lasting performance.

Your dog will always feel comfortable in this sling. There are huge recommendations for this sling. Definitely, another best small dog sling that you should try.

More Features & Pros of Alfie Hayden Pet Sling Carrier

  • The dimension of the sling is 12.5″L x 6″W x 10.5″D. The strap can adjust up to 27 inches. Padded shoulder strap which is very wide and comfy.
  • Recommended for dogs having the weight of up to 12 pounds.
  • A superb quality well-made dog sling.
  • Features several pockets to store dog leash, collapsible bowl for water, water bottle, treats, cell phone, and, wallet! There are mesh side pockets as well.
  • Several extra hooks.
  • To ensure ample air circulation, the sling features mesh sides. It works as the extra security measure as well.
  • Sturdy sling construction.
  • You will always have the feeling that your dog is perfectly safe in the sling.
  • Very flexible dog sling. You can wash it as well. Collapsible for quick storage as well.
  • There is plenty of room for the dog inside.
  • High appreciation from dog lovers and recommended as another best dog sling carrier.

Cons of Alfie Hayden Pet Sling Carrier

  • Not ideal for bigger dogs like the dachshund.
  • A little bit smaller for mini doxie or miniature schnauzer.

Dogloveit Reversible Carrier Shoulder Bag

dogloveit denim sling carrier
Click on the image to read more reviews on Amazon

This is the last pet sling carrier I am gonna review. It’s relatively new in the market, but have already won the mind of so many pet lovers. It’s durable and washable. Comfortable for you and your loving dog. It’s for everyone as well because it is available in multiple size and color.

A sturdy dog sling and the quality is simply great. The price is also reasonable, that’s why it ’s getting more and more popularity. Experienced using this sling-like carrier dog lovers have confirmed that it is very easy to manage and comfortable for the dog.

Almost everyone says it is a well-made dog sling which you can easily carry on your shoulder. You little buddy will find it cozy and soft as verified by some pet lovers. Although some pets may not like to get into, that’s normal and it may take some time for your pet to get used to it.

It’s so soft that your loving pet will fall asleep sometimes. Hands-free design lets you do all those chores you need to do while carrying your dog on the shoulder. The shoulder strap is padded and wide enough so that you don’t feel any pain even if you carry your dog for a very long time.  

Dog lovers call an extraordinary sling to keep the dog always close while walking, doing some shopping, or even hiking. If you are always on the move and your dog is not that much walker, this is the dog sling carrier you want. It is safe for your dog and lasts pretty long time so your investment is safe.

More Features & Pros of Dogloveit Reversible Carrier

  • Available in 2 sizes: 21x13x6.7“ and 23.6×11.8″.
  • Comes in so many fashionable colors like Denim Blue, Denim Light Blue, Blue, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple etc.
  • The sling is made of cotton, so it is so soft and comfortable.
  • Features reversible options for greater conveniences and versatility of fashion.
  • The handbag style sling is so fashionable and full of functionality. You can wear it just like the ways you like it.
  • For added safety, it features hooks. You will find the harness attachment feature very useful to keep your pet safe.
  • Not just dog, suitable for other pets like cats as well. Have a Maltese? Perfect for it!
  • Very easy to wear. Have pockets to store necessary stuff like your phones and key rings etc.
  • Removable base padding, very easy maintenance and requires less space to store it when not in use.
  • So many recommendations from experienced pet lovers.

Cons of Dogloveit Reversible Carrier

  • Not deep enough. This is a problem some users have expressed in their feedback.
  • The pockets do not have a deep space as well.
Are Dog Slings Safe?

This is a frequently asked question that every pet lovers ask. Dog slings are not like the dog carrier backpack. So to answer briefly, yes dog slings are safe only if you get the right one. Sometimes, dogs may jump out of the sling and cause accidents.

This is the fault of your sling. So before buying any dog sling, make sure there is enough safety measures functionality available like harness attachment. If you buy a safe sling, then your sling is safe for your dog.

Wrapping It Up

We are at the very end of writing the article. Did you find your best dog sling? I chronologically arrange them for your convenience. All the 10 dog slings I reviewed above, are most popular and recommended by the huge number of pet lovers. Let me know if you need to know anything else about pet sling in the comment box.

Best Dog Sling Carrier And Harness Reviews 2018 [Video Inside]
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