Bissell SpotBot Pet Reviews 2018 [Video Demo & Tutorial Included]

When your carpet looks beyond repair due to the fluids of your pets, Bissell SpotBot cleaning solution can be the ultimate lifesaver for you. Fully portable, so not just the floor carpet, you can use it for your car cleaning as well. It’s a all-in-one machine. At the end of reading Bissell spotbot pet cleaner reviews, you will be in love with it.

Hands free spot cleaner from Bissell
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Pet stain is not just irritating, it can cause potential physical health hazard as well. The bad smell causing bacteria, mold, and mildew grow from pet stains. Bissell SpotBot pet is pretty awesome having Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection and can fight effectively against such growth. My Bissell SpotBot reviews sounds promising? If so, read along!

Bissell SpotBot is a handsfree fully automatic pet spot and stain cleaner. Just relax and have a coffee after choosing your setting from the automatic cleaning cycles. The machine will finish doing the incredible job of cleaning your pet’s stain just like it never happened. This is how more than thousands of hundreds of users have verified that.

So, how does it work? 

Well, as you can see with just a push of a button it cleans all the pet stains be that surface stains and tough set-in stains. The fully automatic portable Bissell SpotBot sprays, brushes, and do the incredible job of suctions to remove hard-nut-to crack stains.

With Deep Reach technology, it’s unique cleaning foot sprays water and cleaning agent deep into the carpet fibers. Then it starts gently scrubbing to permanently remove stains. Still, need to know how does it work? Okay.Watch the video to see how does that work.

For the cleaning agent, you should use Bissell Pet Stain & Odor including Pet Oxy Boost Formula to have a great result. It is equipped with 2 preset cleaning cycles, all you have to do is just select a preset.

Permanently set tough stains? Nothing to worry. Using deep reach technology, Bissell SpotBot can remove deep down stains from the bottom up thoroughly. Besides, to clean such tough stains, it features the unique spiral brushing that can complete over 400 cleaning revolutions.

When you have a pet that runs to and fro inside the home, your carpet won’t just have pet stains. There will be pet liquid everywhere like your stairs. But don’t worry. Bissell SpotBot comes with onboard-hose and tool to clean upholstery, auto interiors, or stairs. Cleaning such soft surfaces is no more hard as it sounds.

As I said before, to permanently remove tough pet stains from the carpet, you should use Bissell Pet Stain & Odor including Pet Oxy Boost Formula. In addition, to loosen and remove pet stains & soils, the Bissell Pet Stain & Odor remover can neutralize pet odors. It also prevents your pet to leave stains in the same spot again.

For the easy pet stains cleaning solution, it’s really something that you want. Just fill it up and place it on the spot. Turn on the machine and walk. It automatically stops when the job was done. The last thing you need to do is to clean the tanks.

Features & Pros Of Bissell SpotBot

In this part of Bissell spotbot pet deep cleaner reviews, you will learn more about its technical part including some other useful information.

  • The dimension of the SpotBot is  9 x 17 x 12.5 inches with a weight of 17.8 pounds.110-volt electricity required to run this. Plugged in the machine, not something rechargeable.
  • It comes with lots of buying options. In addition to buying the SpotBot Only, you can buy the Cleaning Pet Boost Bundle, Dog Bathing Tool Bundle, OXYgen Boost Bundle, and Pet Stain Remover Bundle.  
  • Not too large to use on the stairs. The 3 inches upholstery attachment is great to use for furniture.
  • Removable water tanks so that you can fill those tanks in the downstairs and carry them to the upstairs to the Bissell SpotBot.
  • Comes with the cleaning solutions as a trial sample.
    Portable Bissell SpotBot Pet
    Image Credit: Bissell
  • Length of the hose is around 4 feet long. The hose is removable so that you can clean it easily.
  • Can clean the area of 8 inches diameter. Incredible suction power!
  • Works great for the area rug.
  • No assembly required, comes as a single piece.
  • Proven to be work like a charm even for the much older stains.
  • In addition to Bissell cleaners, you can use cleaners from other brands as well.
  • The rotating brush won’t do any harm to your carpet even after long time usages.
  • Bissell SpotBot pet parts available when you need them like upholstery brush or floor brush.
  • There are small openings on the tanks of the SpotBot so that you can fill and empty water. Tanks do not require much cleaning. But if you insist to keep it odor free and clean always, just fill it with water and drop a denture tablet. Then, of course, allow it to air dry.
  • Don’t try it directly on pets to clean them!
  • Bissell SpotBot instructions for cleaning it is fairly simple. In fact, they have made a video on how you can clean the Bissell SpotBot. Watch it now.

Pet Lovers Thoughts On Bissell SpotBot Pet Reviews

  • Pet lovers with multiple dogs have confirmed that it does a great job getting stains out, even on the floor and cars. Even worked great when your dog or any pet has acute diarrhea blowout!
  • Cat lovers have found it useful cleaning regurgitated food and hairball stains.
  • Some pet lovers are beyond happy seeing how this machine can clean yellow urine and highly recommended it for friends and families.

Useful Tips On Bissell SpotBot Reviews

  • It does not have the automatic heater. So, you should use hot water to quickly loosen dried stains.
  • Don’t use too much cleaning solution. If you use the hot water,  it will do the maximum job as the cleaning agent.

Cons of Bissell SpotBot

It won’t be a complete Bissell spotbot pet deep cleaner reviews unless I disclose some users concerns here. But hey! They got a really helpful customer care. Should you face any trouble, contact Bissell immediately.

  • If stay unused for a long time, there might be leaking issue.
  • Few incidents of having holes in the hose after a year.
  • Little bit costly. If you need to have a cost-effective vacuum, take a look at the Bissell pet eraser hand vacuum.

Last Few Words On Bissell SpotBot Reviews

When there is a pet inside the house, there will be pet stains. No matter how good you train them. But that does not mean your carpets, stairs, and cars have to be dirty and smelly. Besides, you can use any pet repellent to prevent them creating such a mess.

Bissell SpotBot Pet can take of that for you. I believe you have not more questions after reading the Bissell spotbot pet deep cleaner reviews. But if you do, don’t be shy to ask me in the comment box 🙂

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