Pet Care

What Vaccines do Indoor Cats Need?

cat vaccine

Some cat owners who do not have a lot of experience might be under the impression that as long as they keep their cats indoors, their cats do not need to be vaccinated. However, this is certainly not the case. It is true that indoor cats will be less likely …

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How much does a pet sitter cost?

dog sitter

Taking care of a pet is no easy task. It’s hard work almost akin to childcare. But the benefits often outweigh the hard work put into raising our furry friends. Dog and cats have been by human’s side for centuries, and it’s unlikely that will ever change. This is why …

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What is the easiest pet to take care of?

dog and cat playing

If you are thinking of owning a pet, there are many options you need to consider. Owning a pet is a huge decision and it can be an enjoyable one if you make the best decision. Dogs and cats are the most kept pets in our homes depending on one’s …

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How to Treat Yeast Ear Infections in Dogs

man holding dog

If a dog is rubbing their ear or if they are tilting their head this can be a sign of an ear infection that is caused by the growth of yeast. Yeast ear infections are common and the yeast itself is easy to treat. This ear infection may sometimes be …

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How to get rid of dry skin from dogs?

sick dog

We can’t live a single day without our dog. Even when traveling, we carry it with us using carrier backpack. But if skin problem happens, it’s too sad for us. Dry skin is also known as dog dandruff or dry seborrhea and it is a skin condition in dogs symptomized …

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Why should we take care of pets?

dog and car playing

Sometimes taking care of our pets may seem like a burden. It is almost like having a child that you need to feed groom and entertain. You may reason that animals in the wild actually survive without humans having to take care of them so why should you take care …

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How to get rid of pet allergies?

cat on crate

Many of us live with allergies, but we have no idea of what leads to our watery eyes, running noses and asthma symptoms. The fur in your favorite pet could be causing you all the trouble. However, it is hard to give away the pet that makes you happy, that …

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Why Is My Dog Losing Hair?


We all love our pets, and especially our dogs. They are friendly, fun loving, and entertaining all throughout our day. However, there are some things about our pups that we just have to live with, including all of the sheddings that occurs. Yes, dogs lose their hair like it’s their …

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What is holistic pet care?

dog with a lady

The overall family’s health is always an important consideration and so is pets in families having pets. You always go for the best-preferred care which would give happiness and health back. Just like you choose family health care also the same is important when it comes to your pet. Pet …

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