Pet Tips

What is pet boarding?

white dog treatment

Pet boarding is a temporary place where they are left to live with a fee. This depended on the number of days you will be away. Pets are good for our home, they add the affection, security and become part of the family. How they live, play and associate with …

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How to keep pets off furniture?

pet on sofa

It is true that you can love your pet so much that it just becomes your companion, just like any other member of the family. That’s a good idea, but remember always that however trained a pet is, it will never achieve the same thinking capacity like that of your …

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Should I Get Pet Insurance?

two kitties

The question, whether to buy insurance for your pet is answered differently by different people. Many think that it is important to do so while a lower number think that they should not. The proponents have weighed all the reasons and found that it is worthy to do so. There …

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Is roundup safe for pets?

black dog on floor

Roundup is an effective weed killer which gets into a plant through the leaves and kills it from the inside. It is understandable therefore that you would be concern about the effect it may have on your pet especially if it likes to run around the garden. Scientific research Scientists …

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Why exotic animals should not be pets?

exotic animal

Exotic animals are those that are by nature designed to stay in the wild. They include most non-human primates, reptiles, and certain birds’ species. Some of the common examples include monkeys, bears, tigers, pythons, wild dogs, leopards, and skunks. Even though attempts to domesticate them have gained currency globally, it …

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