How to get rid of dry skin from dogs?

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We can’t live a single day without our dog. Even when traveling, we carry it with us using carrier backpack. But if skin problem happens, it’s too sad for us. Dry skin is also known as dog dandruff or dry seborrhea and it is a skin condition in dogs symptomized by skin irritation and skin flaking.

Several methods have been researched on and proved to cure the condition in dogs. The dry, flaky and itchy skin if caused by factors such as not bathing or not feeding on a proper diet then it is possible that the dog gets treated with home remedies.

However, if the cause is diseases like cancer and diabetes mellitus, you should consult a veterinarian. Below is a list of some proven methods which you can use to clear the dog’s dry skin.

Balanced diet

Nutrition for any health condition cannot be taken for granted. If the dog is not getting proper diet it may result in several conditions including the dry skin condition. What you need to do is get commercial food for pets which is formulated specifically for dogs.

Ensure the food for your dog contains protein, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin E and vitamin A. Additionally, you can as well supplement the dog’s diet with omega-3 which is a fatty acid and protein proved as a cure for the dry flaky skin.

The supplement works faster on dogs compared to many antibiotics sold in pharmacies. Consult the veterinarian concerning important supplements and vitamins which are meant for healthy skin and coat for dogs.

Use of warm water for bathing the dog

At times, the dry itchy skin may be caused by bacteria and germs which accumulate as a result of dirt of the fur of the dog. Therefore, bathe the dog using tepid water together with a dog moisturizing shampoo in order to help kill and remove the bacteria and germs.

Do not be tempted to make use of human shampoo for the dog’s skin as the PH of a dog differs that of a human. Below is a step by step procedure which outlines how to bathe the dog:

  • Bath the dog alongside fur and skin massaging using dog shampoo.
  • Rinse the dog then wait for the skin, then fur to dry.
  • Spray on the skin of the dog some moisturizing spray.
  • Conduct this at least once in a year.

Olive oil use

Olive oil contains antiseptic properties. Therefore, it is among the best remedies to use at home for itchy and scaly dog skin. Most vets recommend olive oil use. Below are instructions for using:

  • Pour a tablespoon of the oil on the food the dog feeds on once for the day.
  • Stir the dog’s food to ensure proper mixing of the food.

Also keep a look of the weight of the dog as a spoon of calories contains like 120 calories which might be dangerous for dogs as a dog only needs 20 calories to 40 calories per day.

Oatmeal Paste

Oatmeal paste works for dogs with dry skin. Most of the moisturizers for skins which humans use contain oatmeal as it is a grain proven to contain many healing properties. The product contains carbohydrates called polysaccharides which are skin nourishers for the dog.

Additionally, it also contains saponins that work like organic detergent with no side effects. The component saponins also clean dirt and irritants from the dog’s crusting skin reducing irritation and dryness.

Cider Vinegar

Natural vinegar from apple cider is another good natural option which you can use for treating dog’s dry skin. Spray the vinegar on the skin of the dog then await results. For best results, combine the vinegar with some other method of treatment like antibiotics. The solution contains enzymes which boost circulation of blood.

With efficient circulation of blood especially cellular level circulation enables the skin get healed faster. Apple vinegar as well as a popular stringent which is used for bacteria cleaning and also for regulation of skin PH level.

Brushing the dog

Dogs which have thick fur tend to have the dry skin condition unlike ones with the thin fur. Once you brush the fur of the dog, dander and loose hair which may the reason for irritation which are easily removed with brushing. Brushing as well gets off any stuck bacteria on the dog’s fur.

Also minimizing the fur layer in the dog’s skin allows breathing of the dog skin easily. The thick fur hinders oils release from the skin of the dog. With dander and dirt removed, the skin is shinier and healthier. Brush the dog at least every week to eliminate dander which may cause irritation.  

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