How to get rid of pet allergies?

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Many of us live with allergies, but we have no idea of what leads to our watery eyes, running noses and asthma symptoms. The fur in your favorite pet could be causing you all the trouble. However, it is hard to give away the pet that makes you happy, that dog or cat that you so much love.

It is also possible that you discovered you are allergic to your puppy when you had already purchased it. However, it is possible to live sneeze free with your puppy. Despite the fact that you cannot find a cure for pet allergy, it is possible to reduce the allergies to your pet. Allergic people can still live with their pets, and here is how.

Few Pet Kisses

Pet allergen in a common household allergen. However, there is a misconception that all people are allergic to the fur or skin of their pets. However, there are proteins in the saliva of your dog that cause major allergic reactions. The proteins are also present in pet urine. Every time the pet licks itself, some bits of the proteins reach the dog’s fur and skin via the saliva.

After drying up, the saliva flakes into small particles. The particles stick to everything in the house, including the dog’s skin. Pet kissing and licking may be sweet, especially when done on the face. However, the sweet kisses are loaded with allergens that make you sick.

Feed Your Pet with Essential Fats to Prevent Dry Skin

Ensure that your pet feeds on enough essential fats. They work to keep the pet’s skin in a good condition. Because the skin is always coated with some allergy based saliva, it is good to ensure that it stays on the pet as long as possible. Pets need diets that are high in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

The label of your dog food indicates whether the food has these nutrients or their sources. Some common sources of fatty acids include walnut, chia, flaxseed, soybeans, canola, fish, and hemp.

Clean Pet Toys to Remove Allergens

Pets love playing with toys, carrying them in their mouth. The mouth has saliva, which contains a lot of allergy-causing proteins. Pet hair is always present in their toys. To reduce exposure to the allergens, it is important to wash the pet toys regularly. Ensure that your pet toys are washable on dishwashers and the washer, and that plush toys can be washed in the washing machine. Toss any toys that cannot be washed.

Establish a No Pet Zone

Your bed is cozy, with lots of fiber and comfy, the perfect place for that pet allergen to thrive. Sleep is supposed to provide rest and recovery from exposure to chemicals and biological bugs. If you have the allergy, it is not sensible to spend over 8 hours sleeping with your pet. Ensure that whenever you go to sleep, you lock your bedroom doors to prevent your dog from accessing your bedroom. Allergen-proof covers on pillows and mattresses also keep your bedroom allergen free.

Wash Your Pet Beddings and carriers to Remove Allergens

Your pet’s bed contains the highest number of allergens. The pet grooms itself on the bed and spreads the allergen from its mouth to the fur and skin. The skin, fur, and allergen are shed all over the beddings. Your dog carrier also contains pet fur, which is why it must be washed regularly. To reduce the allergen load, ensure that you regularly wash your pet’s beddings with some eco-friendly detergents to remove the allergens. A vacuum cleaner will help remove allergens from pillows and mattresses. Ensure that no chemical residue is left to prevent irritating your pet’s skin.

Always Keep the Linens Clean

If you have a pet, it is important to keep your beddings washed as well. The pet allergen will definitely stick on your hair and clothes, thus it is important to stay clean. Allergens are carried by the hair to the bedroom, even if your pet does not visit the bedroom. Ensure that the blankets, pillows, and sheets are washed every week under high temperatures to kill dog allergens and dust mites. Ensure that your bed linens can withstand regular hot water washing.

Always Know When to Wash Your Pet

The frequency of pet washing depends on the nature and breed of the pet. A dog shampoo is the best choice for a pet owner, as it leaves the dog completely clean. The pet’s activity is also a big determinant of that frequency. Inside pets require less washing, while outside ones need more washing.

You should maintain a balance between keeping allergen levels down without drying the pet’s skin, which could promote flaky skin. A vet may help you know when it is necessary to wash the pet.

Brush Your Pet

The least number of times you should brush your dog is twice a week. Brushing your pet is a bonding experience. However, brushing is more than just bonding, as it helps in the removal of allergen from the fur. Brushing your dog before bath makes it easy for you to wash the allergens as well as brushing after the batch. If you are very allergic to the pet, remember to wear a mask as you brush the dog.

Use an Appropriate Air Cleaner

It is easy to keep hard surfaces and the dog clean. However, some allergen particles usually escape and become airborne. To trap them before they can get to you, run an air cleaner in your room. Avoid ozone machines and ionizers, since they are less effective.

Clean Without Spreading the Allergens

If you are so busy that you rarely find time to clean, get someone to help you. Little dry allergen particles stick to many surfaces, which makes it important to clean at least once a week. Clean properly, don’t just toss allergens and dust back to the air. Remember to wear a mask as you clean and to dust with wet clothes. A dust vacuum once a week is very effective in the elimination of allergens.

Pets are our friends, as they make us happy by giving us company. However, it is important to take care of our health as we live with these pets. The ten points above will help you live with your pet without suffering from negative health implications that are associated with pet allergies.

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