Homemade Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains That Really Works!

You have already seen it. No matter how well you train your pet to potty training, you will find pet stains on your carpet every now and then.

You love your pet and that’s the reality you have to live with. I know there are some commercial pet stain removers that work like charm, but unfortunately, they are chemically processed.

Chemically processed stain remover may not be a good choice for many pet lovers. Some prefer the natural solution to get rid of stain marks and the horrible smell. I will show you exactly 3 effective homemade solutions to achieve that. Stay with me!

Homemade Carpet Cleaner For Pet Stains

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In total, I am gonna show you 2 homemade carpet cleaner for pet stains methods. Both of the methods have proven to be effective. Just follow the instructions thoroughly.

Method 1: Bicarb Soda, Vinegar, & Water Solution

This method will work when the pet stain is already dried up and in addition to the above materials, you should have some paper towels. Bicarb soda is widely available at most of the kitchen stores.

Very first you should pick up as much solid as you can with the paper towels. Use the vacuum cleaner for pet stains to clean the rest of the mess. You will notice some dried particles are stuck between the carpet piles. Use the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to go over the area to pick up the dried particles.

Now we need to take care of the bed smell from the pet stain. Sprinkle bicarb soda on the pet stain area and spray vinegar & water solution. If you have sprayed enough vinegar, you will notice the reaction between the soda and the vinegar.

Wait for a couple of hours to work the soda and the vinegar. After the waiting, you will notice the solution will bring the color to the surface which in turn will make your vacuum to suck the rest of the stain.

After this, the stain and smell should be completely gone. If not, then spray the vinegar & water solution and use the paper towel to absorb the vinegar. Continue this until the stain and smell are completely gone. Make sure not rub the carpet, it will damage the carpet.

Method 2: Hydrogen-peroxide/baking soda mixture Solution

To make this method to work, you will need a bowl to make the solution, 1 teaspoon of dish liquid, ½ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of baking soda, and some paper towels. And remember, this method will also work when the pet stain is still in liquid form.

Hydrogen peroxide has a great power to dissolve the stains on the carpet if you can use it the right way. Baking soda works like a charm to fight the bad smell because it has the natural deodorizing power.

Use the paper towels to cover the area and put something heavy on it so that it can soak up all the excess liquid. Make the solution of hydrogen peroxide and dish liquid. Now sprinkle the baking soda over the place and pour the solution over the stain.

Using a scrub brush or cloth, gently scrub the mixture into the carpet fibers. Wait for 15 minutes and vacuum the area. There is still some stain, repeat the process again.

FYI: Bissell vacuum for pet stains is a great way to remove pet stains from carpets. 

Tips & Precautions

The best way to get rid of pet stains and smell is to act quickly. That way you have the better chance that these homemade solutions will work. If you notice it too late, it may be almost impossible to get out.

In that situation, you should take the professional help if your carpet is expensive. Don’t take the chance and ruin your carpet. Pay the professional carpet cleaner and save your carpet. Also, do not use the steam cleaner to get rid of pet stains. It will make the situation even worse!

Last Words

The 3 alternatives described above really work. They are shared by experienced pet lovers. Just make sure you follow the full instructions mentioned here. That way you can live with your four-legged friends happily ever after!

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