How to Potty Train A Dog Fast?

dog potty trainingThe main issue that owners have when they first adopt a puppy is potty training. If you know how to properly train your puppy and you stick to the training, it is possible to have him trained in about three days.

If you adopted an adult dog who is not potty trained, it may take a day or two longer, however, it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

Keep Your Puppy With You  

If it is possible, you should keep your puppy with you at all times throughout the training process and entire training time. Even if you have to go out anywhere, carry your dog with you using any backpack. That way it will start to trust you. Puppies need to use the bathroom more often than adult dogs because they have smaller bladders. If you see your puppy sniffing around on the ground or running in a circle, he likely needs to go to the bathroom. If you have him with you at all times, you will know when he has to go.

If you aren’t going to be home and you can’t keep him with you, you should put him in a confined space. This could be in a dog crate, in a child’s playpen, or locked in one room that has no carpeting. If he is confined to a small space, he will be more likely to hold it than to go to the bathroom in his cozy area.

Take Him Outside Every Hour

During the training process, you should take your puppy out every hour. If you are training an adult dog, you should take him out after he wakes up after he eats his dog food, and after he has been active. This will ensure that your puppy won’t have an accident in the house and it will give him a chance to learn that he should only be going to the bathroom outside.

Take Him To The Same Spot

Dogs are creatures of habit. They like routines and they stick to them. Because of this, you should take your puppy to the same place each time to go to the bathroom. When he gets to the spot, he will know that he is there to go to the bathroom and that he isn’t there to play.

When choosing a spot, you should keep it far from the walkway to the house. You don’t want people stepping on it when they come inside. If your puppy has a dog house, you should keep the spot far from there as well. Your puppy won’t want to use the dog house if there is poop laying around.

Introduce a Cue Word

You should use a cue word when you want your puppy to go the bathroom. This will let him know that you are outside for him to do his business. This can be especially helpful if you are taking him out on a cold day or in the rain. If you can get him to use your command, he will go quickly. A few effective cue words include, ‘Go’, ‘Go poop’, ‘wee-wee’, a whistle, or a hand signal.

Reward Him

When your puppy goes outside to go to the bathroom, he should be rewarded. When he realizes that he gets a reward for going outside, he will be more willing to do so. You should also give him a great deal of praise when he goes to the bathroom outside.

Avoid Punishment

If your puppy has an accident in the house, you shouldn’t punish him. This will only make him fear you and that isn’t what you want. If he does have an accident, try taking him out more often until he gets the hang of it.

Cleaning the Mess

If your dog does make a mess in the house, you need to clean it up thoroughly. If he can still smell his mess, he will likely go back and use the same spot again. To clean the mess, start by picking up the poop or wiping up the pee. Next, use a dog stain vacuum cleaner like Bissell SpotBot to clean up anything that is left behind. Finally, use a cleaner that will destroy the odor. There are products available in the supermarket that will do the job. You can also buy a cleaner that is designed especially for dog odors.

The most important thing to remember when you are training your puppy is to be patient. It won’t happen overnight and he will have accidents in the beginning. To make things easier, you can put down puppy pads for the first six months. This will help if he cannot get outside as quickly as he needs to. If you are patient and you stick to the training, he should be potty trained within a few days.

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