How To Take Care of Pets?

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Dogs’ heredity is that they are pack animals. Just as a pack takes care of each other; they will depend on you for their care. Making your pet dog a part of the family and making sure they are exercised, fed, watered, and overall, loved is essential. Dogs left unattended are at risk of being stolen, beaten, or even poisoned.

They are vulnerable to heat and the cold and will suffer from heatstroke in the summer as well as frostbite in the winter. It can be cruel to chain your dog for extended lengths of time and creating circumstances where they are unable to protect themselves from weather or other outside conditions.

Caring for your pet is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly, but one that also provides enormous rewards. A well cared for pet will bestow love, gratitude, protection, and provide you with incredible companionship.

How to Know Which Pet Food?

Not all dog food is created equal. There is an incredible amount of choices on the dog food shelves that may leave you overwhelmed when trying to choose the right one. All brands will make outlandish claims regarding how well they meet the needs of your dog and how healthy they are for your dog’s diet.

Wading through the aisle to choose one that is both nutritious and affordable can become frustrating. These are some tips to follow to make your decision easier in finding the proper dog food for your pet.

  • Ingredient Check– Meat should make up the majority of your dog’s diet. Dogs are carnivores and need the nutrients from meats. They can also receive the recommended amount of nutrition from grains, fruits, and vegetables, but their diet needs to contain a fair amount of meat for protein benefits. Check the label on your pet food and see where the meat product falls on the list. A good quality dog food will list the meat product first and then follow with the grains, fruit, or vegetable additives.
  • Necessary Nutrition– Your dog’s need for nutrition will change over the course of his or her life. A puppy has very different needs than that of an adult dog. Your veterinarian will be the best source of information for the changing needs of your breed’s growth. Most pet food brands are formulated with at least the minimum nutritional requirements, but it’s important to be aware of your dog’s health and growth to ensure they’re receiving the proper amounts.
  • Complete and Balanced Dog Foods– If the label on your pet food states it is ‘complete and balanced,’ this is a good sign. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has strict guidelines a pet food manufacturer must follow to put this statement on labels. With this on the label, you can feel safer in knowing your dog will be getting the minimum amount of all the nutrients. Pet food manufacturers should have your dog’s health in their best interest. They should be willing and able to answer any questions you may have regarding the product they are selling you for your dog. If you are unsure how to read their label or are concerned with content, you can call and talk to them to make sure your dog is receiving a proper, nutritional, and complete diet.

How to Choose a Dog Harness?

Just as a proper diet is important for your dog, it is also essential they receive exercise. When taking your dog for a walk or run, it is important to have the proper dog harness. A harness is different than a collar and fastens around your dog’s body with a loop near their shoulder for the leash attachment. Choosing a harness depends a lot on your dog’s particular personality as well as their size.

  • No-Pull Harness– The no-pull dog harness is designed to tighten slightly if your dog begins to pull. Feeling the pressure created when they try to pull away from you is enough to make them slow down and reduce their pace to match yours. The pressure is applied to their armpits though; and not to your pet’s neck, so it does cause a choking effect like that of a collar.
  • Standard Harness– The standard harness will evenly distribute the force of pressure on your dog’s back and chest. This design works well on the smaller breeds; however, it may not work as well on the larger more powerful breed. If your dog likes to go a faster pace than you and continuously pulls to move along, you may want to consider the no-pull design.

The different harnesses will have different fits. There are many designs and styles to choose from. To get the right fit for your dogs’ harness, measure around their rib cage and check the packaging to make sure you get the right size for that measurement. Having a harness on that is too small can be painful for your pet and having one too small can pose a danger if they are able to slip out.

What to Look for in a Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner?

Along with making sure your dog eats right and gets exercise, you also want to keep your home looking good. One of the most significant challenges to owning a pet is cleaning up pet hair they shed. There are dog breeds that shed little to no hair and those that shed a lot of hair.

The amount of hair shed varies on the breed and their coat type. To remove dog hair from your carpets and upholstery, you’ll want to have a pet hair vacuum cleaner something like Bissell SpotBot Pet designed for just this task. There are vacuums on the market that perform capable jobs all around, and there are some that are only for the task of picking up pet hair. These tips will help you choose the right pet hair vacuum cleaner.

  • Filtration– Check the HEPA filtration system on the machine. Those with a HEPA filter use smaller holes so it can trap smaller pieces of dirt, hair, and allergens. Depending on the amount of hair your dog sheds, the filter does have to be replaced one to two times a year unless it comes with a washable system.
  • Bag or No-Bag– The bagged vacuums work great if you are sensitive to dust and pollen. These units are less messy to empty when the bags become full as you just pull it out and toss. The downside to the bagged is the cost of buying replacement bags. If are not sensitive to dust and want to save time and money replacing bags then the no-bag units will work for you.
  • Motor and Bristles– You may be steered to machines with motorized brushes when asking a salesperson for recommendations. The primary concern will be how stiff the bristles are as if too soft they will not have enough agitation to pick up pet hair. You also need a motor with enough power to suck the hair from the bristles. Make sure the salesperson understands your needs and directs you to a capable unit.
  • Attachments– With the vacuum you choose, you want to make sure it comes with the extra tools. The upholstery tool is especially needed to get inside your couch and chairs to remove the hair that falls inside. The crevice tool is also great for picking up the hair where the vacuum can’t reach such as under, behind, or beside furniture that can’t be moved easily.

Owning a pet may seem like a huge responsibility, and in truth, they do require a lot of time and attention. The benefits; however, to owning a dog far outweigh those required tasks. Experts say a dog doesn’t just fill your heart; they actually make it stronger.

Studies have proven those who own dogs show lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels and suffer fewer heart attacks. That’s the reason we keep it with us inside the pet carrier backpack when we go out for hiking. So by taking good care of your dog, you are taking good care of yourself.

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