How To Teach A Cat To Use A Litter Box?

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When you first get a kitten, it is up to you to help him learn to use his litter box. Fortunately, it is very easy for a cat to learn to use the litter box. You just need to give him a bit of help. If you don’t properly teach your cat to use the litter box, you are going to need to buy a cat stain vacuum cleaner if you are going to effectively clean up his mess.

Choose the Right Litter Box

It is important that you choose the right litter box for your cat. Many people buy a litter box that is too small and the cat won’t want to use it. Small boxes are fine for kittens, however, when the cat grows, the box will be too snug on the sides, and he won’t want to use it.

Some cats like a privacy cover and others want to see the room when they are doing your business. You should be able to figure out quickly which your cat likes. If he isn’t going into the litter box, try taking off the cover to see if he likes it better.

If you have a large house or multiple cats, you should get more than one litter box to make it easier for your cat to go when he needs to.

Placing the Litter Box

Where you put the litter box is very important. You want it to be in a spot that is easily accessible and convenient for him to get to. You never want to put the litter box near the cat food. Cats don’t like to do their business in the same area that they eat. You should also avoid putting your cat box in a high-traffic area. Cats like to have some privacy when they do their business.

Maintaining the Litter Box

Some cats are picky when it comes to cat litter and some don’t care. It could be a trial and error process before you find the litter that your cat likes best. You should clean your cat’s litter box a few times a day. Most cats don’t like to do their business in a dirty litter box. If the box isn’t cleaned, you might find that he messed on the floor.

Teaching Your Cat To Use the Litter Box

The first thing that you should do is learn your cat’s schedule. When he gets out of his cat bed, after he eats, or after he has been playing, he will likely need to go. When you first bring him home, direct him to his litter box. If you get him to the box and he isn’t going, play with him a bit. Cats tend to need to go after they have been active.

If your cat was too young to have learned how to use the cat box from his mother, you might need to put him in the box yourself. You should show him how to dig in the litter also. To do this, simply scrape some litter with your finger so that he learns by example. After he goes, bury his waste yourself. This will help him to understand what is expected of him. You may need to show him how to use the litter box a few times before he gets the hang of it.

Addressing Accidents When They Happen

In the beginning, your cat might have an accident or two. This is normal. If you yell at him and get angry, he might start to fear you and it won’t stop him from having accidents. When you cat has an accident, you should pick up the waste as quickly as possible. It is best to put the poop in the litter box so that he can see where it is supposed to go.

You also need to completely clean the area where he made the mess. If he smells the spot, he will continue using that spot in the future. You should make sure that you use a cleanser that will completely remove the odor. There are plenty of products on the market that are designed especially to remove the odor created by cat waste.

It shouldn’t take long to teach your cat to use the litter box. Using the cat box is their instinct and most cats catch on very quickly. As long as you use the right box and litter and you put it in the right place and keep it clean, teaching your cat to use it should be easy.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. Yelling at him won’t help. If he doesn’t get it right away, keep working with him. Eventually, he will catch on and the time that you put into it will all have been worth it.

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