Why should we take care of pets?

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Sometimes taking care of our pets may seem like a burden. It is almost like having a child that you need to feed groom and entertain. You may reason that animals in the wild actually survive without humans having to take care of them so why should you take care of a pet?

Well, taking care of a pet is not just good for it, it also is good for you. Scientists have proved that the relationship between a pet and its owner benefits both of them. This mainly applies to pets like dogs and cats which are the most common, but who knows, maybe even your pet spider or ant may be of benefit to you as well.

Here are some of the reasons to take care of your pet.

They will live longer

Domestic animals are known to live longer than those in the wild. This is because for starters they will have more regular pet food which will keep them strong and healthy, the presence also of a human who cares for them will have a psychological effect on the pet that will also contribute to its health and as a human, you are more intelligent than an animal so if it falls sick, you will know what to do to help it get better. So by caring for your pet, you will increase the chances of it staying alive longer.

You will be happier

On your part, research has shown that the presence of a pet in the house, makes the one taking care of it happier especially if it is able to do tricks but also because of the affection it is able to show. Dogs, for example, can be very loyal and affectionate and this makes the owner happy. If you are lonely, a pet can give you company, some people talk to their pets and that serves as therapy which makes you a happier person.

It can keep you fit

Taking care of a pet can keep you fit. For example, if you have a dog, you will be forced to take it for walks and as you walk your dog, you are doing exercise as well which will keep you fit. In most cases, you find that you need to keep a steady pace as you walk a dog and that will help you burn calories. A pet can serve as your work out buddy and will motivate you to do regular exercise even if you do not have to go to the gym. Sometimes even just playing with your pet is enough exercise, cats like to run after string, and as you pull that string around, you are exercising.

It can teach responsibility

Caring for a pet comes with responsibility. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice time to attend to the needs of your pet or you will have to save money to buy a pet hair vacuum cleaner and so many other things. Like we had mentioned earlier, you can be compared to a parent with a child. Most people with pets are responsible because they have learned responsibility through caring for a pet. A parent can even get a pet for their child so that they can learn to be responsible.

Caring for a pet is therapy

There are some people who have had trouble sleeping or connecting with people and instead of being prescribed medicine, they are advised to get a pet. It is hard to explain how the pet is able to provide the therapy needed, but many people have shown improvement in their mental state after having a pet introduced into their life. They are also good companions for children with autism and behavioral problems.


You may not be able to afford a guard, but a pet can be. In most cases, we would be thinking along the lines of dogs, but there are other domestic animals that can provide security. Believe it or not, a goose is said to be a better guard for the home than a dog if it is trained well. Sometimes even just the sight of a pet carrier in your home is likely to make an intruder think twice before they break in. the presence of another living being also gives you psychological security. However, outside stray pets can disturb your daily life. So use pet deterrent to get rid of outside pets.

They can save your life

Pets develop an attachment to their owners and they care for them just like they would their children or companions. There have been cases where a pet saves the life of their owner say when the house is on fire, the pet can smell the smoke long before a human and alert you to the danger or if you are having a heart attack, a dog or cat can run and get help.

When all is said and done, the relationship between a pet and its owner is a 2-way street. You benefit and it benefits from that relationship as well.

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